First, what we are not.

We are not a national corporation with call centers and pushy sales guys in other states.

We are a team of individuals that live in the community. That means we understand the turf and tree and shrub and insect issues of this area. We know the unique problems and challenges of this area and we know how to fix them.

Lush Green Lawn was started in 2005 by Charles and Amanda Sinclair.  Our goal was to build a reputable company, that would far exceed the expectations of our clients.  We feel that that goal has been met.  Our clients consistently tell us that we are the best lawncare company that they have ever had.  We are reliable, do excellent work, and if for some reason your not satisfied, we will make it right.  


 At Lush Green Lawn, caring for your property is not something we do after our full time job, it IS our job.  We have several talented employees who are dedicated to nothing but making your property look its best.  They are never on your property "off the books" or "under the table".  We are licensed, insured and most importantly: responsible and reliable.

We are not a ‘cut and run’ lawn care company. If there is a challenge — if you have a frustration, we will be here to fix it… to make it right. You can count on us to do what’s right and stand behind 100% of our work. Every time.



Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple,  to exceed the expectation of our clients.  



Contact Information

Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm